If you are over the age of 16 and fulfil the following criteria you are eligible for a COVID 19 vaccine booster.


  • 3 month  interval  since  last Covid vaccine



  • 6 months since having Covid and being fully vaccinated



  • 1 month since having Covid and being partially vaccinated ( ie one vaccine)



  • 3 months since last dose for Immunocompromised who have had 3 vaccinations


You can book your appointment online now.   Please ensure that you have your PPS number and an email address along with your usual details to register.


Register Online

As GPs, we have been asked to prioritise this vaccination programme over all routine GP work.  This will result in deferring appointments and longer waiting times for routine appointments.  We know this is very difficult as our resources are already stretched.

We are doing our best and we will cover emergency call on our Practice mobile 083 015 1546 on the days we are running vaccine clinics.   Please only call this number if you are feeling unwell, where we can offer advice or an appointment as appropriate.   We cannot facilitate routine questions on this emergency call line.

We are very thankful for your understanding in all of this.  As a Practice we are looking forward to a time where we can focus fully on regular general practice, the work we really enjoy.   Until then, please bear with us.

The Saffron and Blue Team