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Our Female GPs and Practice Nurses provide a full Women’s Health Service including:

Antenatal & Postnatal Care

Saffron & Blue Medical Clinic is a member of the HSE Mother and Child scheme which provides free ante natal checks to expecting mothers, 2 week baby check and 6 weeks checks for mother and baby.

Contraceptive Advice


At Saffron & Blue Medical Clinic we offer advice on a wide array of contraceptive options which are available to women and men. These include contraceptive pills, injections, barrier methods such as male and female condoms, diaphragms.  Dr. Quigney fits and removes intra-uterine devices (Mirena, copper coils).  Advice is also available on other long term devices such as patch and vaginal ring and on permanent solutions such as female sterilization and vasectomy.   All options will be discussed in detail with you to help decide which is the most suitable option for you.  Consideration is given to how effective the method is, possible risks and side effects, if you have a medical condition and your future pregnancy plans.    We also advise regarding crisis pregnancy options.

Depo-Prevora Injection

The Depo-Provera Injection is given every three months as a single injection.  It is given into the upper arm or buttock during the first five days after the beginning of the normal menstrual period.    A consultation with the doctor is required prior to the administering of the injection.

Mirena Coil

A plastic device that contains a progestogen hormone is put into the uterus. The progestogen is released at a slow but constant rate. More than 99% effective. Works in a similar way to the POP. It is also used to treat heavy periods (menorrhagia).  The fitting of a Mirena Coil or Copper coil must be discussed in advance at an earlier consultation with the doctor.

Implanon Fitting

The Implanon is a small device placed under the skin. It is inserted into the upper arm. Contains a progestogen hormone which slowly releases into the body. It is more than 99% effective. Works in a similar way to the contraceptive injection. Involves a small procedure under local anaesthetic. Each one lasts 3 years.

Emergency Contraception

We offer advice regarding the need and options for emergency contraception. The postcoital pill, is commonly known as the ‘morning after pill’, can actually be taken up to 3 days after unprotected intercourse.

Cervical Smear Testing

Saffron & Blue Medical Clinic is a participating surgery in the National Cervical Screening Programme.  Patients must register to participate in this programme.  It is recommended that patients from age 25 have a smear test every 3-5 years.  For further information and to register for your free smear test contact 1800 454555 or go to www.cervicalcheck.ie.  You must have a letter from the Cervical Programme in order to avail of a free Smear Test.rvical Smear Testing

STI Screening

At Saffron & Blue Medical Clinic we provide full and comprehensive screening tests for STI’s. Specifically we test for HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia. Screening will involve the taking of a urine sample to test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea, and a blood sample to test for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C. A male or female doctor is available on request.

A STI is an infection that is contracted from one person to another through sexual intercourse (vaginal, oral or anal). Sexually transmitted infections are often silent and without symptoms especially in males. Left untreated these infections can be serious. Screening offers peace of mind and appropriate treatment options if necessary. Depending on diagnosis the treatment is often a simple course of antibiotics to clear the infection and prevent it from spreading.

The symptoms of an STI can include: Itching in the pubic/genital area, pelvic pain, vaginal/penile discharge, pain on passing urine/other urinary symptoms, genital lumps, genital sores or ulcers.

For further information/booking of appointment please telephone  065 6829719


Many cuts can be sutured (stitched) in our surgery by the doctor instead of having to spend half your day sitting in the waiting room of the Accident & Emergency Dept. of your hospital.  In some cases, your health insurance (VHI, Aviva, Laya, Glohealth) may cover the full cost of suturing.